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We offer professional salsa lessons by one of the finest instructors in Albuquerque. Our fees are only $45 per hour. Learn to dance in no time. Call us and we'll show you how. 505 250 5807.


My name is Avery.
If you are interested in learning how to dance salsa in order to go dancing at some of the local clubs or socials in town or if you are planning to go out to Salsa Under The Stars, I can have you dancing in no time. 

There's a method to our madness. We have a system. We can teach you tricks that will help you look like a pro in a few short lessons.

You will have a blast and make friends and be a sought after dancer at any venue.

Call us now and we will have you dancing this week!


505 250 5807
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In only a few short hours of private lessons you will learn, rhythm, timing, patterns, lead and follow techniques and of course how to get anyone to dance with you.

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505 150 5807 - Ask for Avery
If you want to learn how to dance here is what you need. You need to understand that social dancing requires these very obtainable skills

Lead and follow: Ladies and guys have different roles. Learn what your role is and become proficient at it.
Rhythm: There is a certain rhythm to salsa music. It seems mysterious but it's not. Once you understand the rhythm, leading and following becomes simple and confidence soars.
Timing: Timing is the frequency with which your feet hit the floor based on the rhythm. Understand the rhythm, the timing becomes simple and natural. People will want to dance with you.
Patterns: Social dancing is being accurately repetitive with personal style. Learn how to lead or follow the most common patterns and you're ready for just about anything.

Classes: Classes are good for meeting people who like to dance and taking the edge off of being new at social dancing. They're fun. Some studios offer them but the level of detailed instruction is minimal and often they are in fact social events. The free ones at the clubs are great for mingling but you will likely not really learn enough to be a sought after dancer.

Large Studios: If you want to learn salsa you need to learn from someone who knows salsa. Often large studios offer "salsa" classes to get you in the door and sell you packages of 10 different dances. Sorry, but it's true. And often those same salsa classes are taught by the rookie instructor who needs clients.

That said, with a few hours of targeted personalized instruction from a professional in the field you can learn to be a good dancer. It's the right way, the smart way and the most effective way. If you take one lesson with us and determine that your hour was not worth EVERY PENNY, walk out the door without paying once cent! That is a promise that I will stake my reputation on.