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Want to learn to dance now?
Believe me, I know what it's like wanting to dance and not being able to know how. Whether you're  guy, a girl or couple. When the music comes on you just wanna go but you don't know where to start. Someone shows you on the side of the floor, you watch youtube, you beg your friend to teach you, I've seen it all. And it's painful.

At Salsa-Baby, we have the solution. Steps, turns, style, we  will give it to you all. And FAST!

3 lessons and you will be at the clubs and parties! Call us and we will tell you how.
505 250 5807.

Get your
Learn to dance salsa in 3 one hr. lessons only $129.95.
Learn from the ones you see at the clubs  when you say, "darn. I wish I could do that."​ Starting this week, you can.

Poise, Posture, Style
Elegance,Turn Patterns,
Spins, Footwork, Rhythm
and Confidence!

In three lessons you will be hitting the clubs!

Call us now at 505 250 5807.
A full one hour private lesson is only $49.95!
Buy three for $129.95